Then just give me one day even if it’s in my dream, just one day. Out of all those words I had to swallow because of the excuse of reality I’ll pick one and tell it to you for sure.


actual cannibals

Himchan being flawless ft. CreeperGuk

Park Jimin!

Park Jimin!

140422 Namjoon’s Tweet


Its RapMon. How have you been doing ? Everyone including me, you and the people in Jindo are going through a tough time… While working in the studio regularly, I try to take in my surroundings with regards to the subjective. How about you ?

Its heartbreaking but let’s not be discouraged and buck up ~ Your hearts are precious after all !

vixx’s adventures in the usa :’)

130523 Yoongi’s tweets: “Ah, we finished the practice late at night and I’m bored, I gotta tease Jimin eungkyakya~ I want to make of Jimin a giant, so that Jimin becomes a giant who has strong muscular abs so I can ride in his back and go for a walk outside. Now I won’t be scared of the donkeys in case they want to hit me.” for sugafuck ♡ trans

Let’s live coolly to the maximum.
Let’s live coolly to the maximum.

Min Yoongi’s special talent ft. V

Min Yoongi’s special talent ft. V

Raise your hand if you want Yoongi’s hair black again!



The real main dancer of BAP…

Moon JongUp be like...
JongUp: "When you wear blue lenses you see everything blue?"
JongUp: "Elevators in America go up... just like in korea"
JongUp: "*Eating mango shaved ice* It tastes like... mango and ice together"
th ♡